Unwitting Stallion

ilovetumblralot said: Thanks for the follow. How old are you? alex

Thanks for the hot porn - I’m 23

10 May 2013


Does anyone actually like it when people you don’t know and have never talked to come up to you and touch your chest/butt/cock?

I feel like I’m in the minority for thinking that it’s kind of flat out disrespectful. Everyone has things they want to do to people… but I keep my hands to myself unless there’s been explicit encouragement. Too prude?

2 July 2012

I love the way

guys suck dick when they really want it. Nothing is hotter than a dude who is enthusiastic to please you.

29 May 2012


I just saw my ex after about 1 and a half years…and believe it or not… it’s not any easier. She brought her bf and I just spent the past half an hour bawling my eyes our like a little bitch. This is awful. I can’t believe how much I love her. Bisexuality really is the mostย  cruel when it comes to jokes.

7 April 2012

I like wearing a jock more than compression shorts

20 February 2012

My mirror is still dirty

My mirror is still dirty

8 February 2012

Fuck this 101.00

I need a remedial course in flirting with guys… I don’t get how it works. It feels like there are two options - secretly interested (read only really interested in themselves) or insanely infatuated (beyond the point of fucking creepy).

What’s the process for finding guys who know how to express healthy amounts of interest?

Maybe I just need to not be in the middle of fucking nowhere.

8 February 2012

Anonymous said: ru chunky

lol ya superxchunkii. r u?

6 February 2012

You know that problem

When you can’t look at yourself objectively? It’s a pain in the ass.

30 January 2012

I need to get blown….

I need to get blown….

29 January 2012